JinkoSolar renews partnership with GRID Alternatives

JinkoSolar renewed its partnership with GRID Alternatives, a national leader in making solar technology and job training accessible to low-income communities. JinkoSolar has donated 600 kW of high-efficiency solar modules to support GRID Alternatives’ work developing and implementing solar projects and offering hands-on job training in under served communities.

The partnership will help GRID Alternatives to meet its goal of installing more than 10 megawatts of solar power in 2019, helping families and affordable housing providers save millions of dollars in energy costs over the lifetimes of their solar systems. With JinkoSolar’s support, GRID Alternatives will also be providing hands-on solar installation training to over 4,000 individuals.

Building on a deep partnership with GRID Alternatives that has been built over the past five years, this renewal reaffirms JinkoSolar’s commitment to making solar power accessible to everyone.

“We always felt it important that the benefits of solar be widely available to all communities across the U.S. and around the globe,” said Nigel Cockroft, general manager of JinkoSolar. “We believe in the GRID Alternatives model and are proud to continue to support their expansive beneficial programs.”

“Our work brings together the solar industry, governments, utilities, job training organizations, affordable housing providers and local communities to ensure solar power benefits everyone and we’re thankful for JinkoSolar’s support,” said Erica Mackie, GRID Alternatives CEO and co-founder. “Large-scale equipment partnerships like JinkoSolar’s make it possible to make the financial, career-building and environmental benefits of solar power accessible to all communities.”

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